Forster’s Story

Forster began with a construction career in May of 2013 as a crew member, with his talent being recognized such that he was promoted to the position of Supervisor within six months, so that he was supervising construction crews for major municipal surfacing projects across the Atlanta area.

From contacts made through his environmental work with these construction projects, in June of 2017 he was recruited from by an environmental monitoring service and swiftly developed the work habits and skills to do environmental testing across the Southeastern US as a Senior Field Sampling Technician, with responsibilities that included supervising and training new hires and weekly travel.

Seeing his rapid promotions at two companies early in his work career, Forster was recruited by a major roadway and airport runway construction firm, with promises of much higher pay, better expense accounts, and a career path leading to becoming a project manager. In June of 2017 Forster became the lead paving operator on projects in multiple states and Puerto Rico.

Because his skills as an operator were something that was leading him awaay from his goal to become a project engineer, Forster enrolled in Colorado State University online Global Campus as a full time student.

A few months after beginning his studies, Forster was approached by his former employers at with an offer of a part time job assisting in project management and a promise of a full time job as a project manager once Forster matriculated from his project management studies. Within two years, Forster took over Project and Materials Management and is currently with the same hardscaping and surfaces employer.