1 – Introducing NimGuerra™

NimGuerra can best be described as a battle sport played on a banked roller derby right track. The inspiration for the sport was the 1974 movie “Rollerball” starring James Caan. Because of modern day safety and health regulations, the motorcycles have been eliminated. However, hard-hitting action has been reintroduced with four pound Ebonite cannonballs and the addition of a wooden Cayman, similar to a Plains Indian battle club.

Cannonballs are still shot from cannons along the outer wall, however instead of being limited to one cannonball at a time, NimGuerra always has multiple balls in action as long as a round is in play. And, just like in the movie, hard-hitting action is allowed. Think of UFC on roller skates. With battle clubs.

Plus there’s more. NimGuerra has adopted a scoring system reminiscent of jai alai, where teams win shares of the purse based on whether they win, place or show.

The rinks used in NimGuerra or portable, transported in a 38 foot long box truck, to be set up in small town athletic facilities such as a local high school gymnasium, or community center, bringing what is hoped to be a mainstream sport too small communities and second-tier markets.

In this forthcoming series of blog posts, will be claiming more about how the game is played by describing the rules, the equipment, the teams and the target market. You want to make sure you don’t miss a single post, merely subscribe to our newsletter and get each one as it comes hot off the press. You’ll even get a chance to win some good swag just for telling your friends about us.

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