Our Story

It’s been a long journey to get here, longer than I thought it would be, so it might be helpful to let you catch up a bit by giving you a bit of background into the genesis of NimGuerra™.

In what seems like ages ago, I’m sitting with a good friend, in a Georgia dive called “The Marietta Diner.” Well, okay, it was local to him, but not to me down here on the edge of the Florida Everglades. But, I digress, as we were commiserating about days gone by.

After my friend had taken a few hours talking about memorable experiences and accomplishments of his over the years, it was my turn. As he laughed about all the semi-brilliant ideas I had come up with at one time or another, and how I had either dropped them due to negative vibes from someone I had described said idea unto, or how I had relegated them to the dustbins of my feeble brain, he stopped me in the middle of one of my concepts, with the admonition that “That sports idea is something people could get behind. Go develop a business plan and people might just be willing to invest.”

Well of course, being a needy little ol’ thing, I rushed back home after dinner and began putting together the basics of a business plan and a description of the sport. After two or three weeks of writing, dreaming and researching, I decided that the idea had some patentable features and before I could let the cat out of the bag with the business plan, I really needed to protect those ideas as much as possible.

Well, after a half century of accounting, both as a commercial loan field examiner (read that as fraud prevention and contract compliance auditor), and as an independent accounting practitioner (certified by the IRS as an Enrolled Agent, or EA), little old me had become a do-it-myself type of person, so I began writing my own patent application. Then, three, or was it four, months later, after some of the most exacting and difficult writing I have ever done, my great tome was submitted to the USPTO as a Provisional Patent Application, and I went back to work on the business plan, which went rather smoothly, except for the financial projections. Holy Mackerel Batsnarkle! Once again I had immersed myself into realms of which I had great ignorance.

Anyhoo, that Provisional Patent Application morphed into two U.S. Patents, multiple International Patent Applications, and registration under the International Patent Treaty. Something pretty hard to do in the world of action sports I was told.

Well, once again I digress. I began this by writing about how interest from outsiders finally pushed me to put together a business plan for a new sports league here in this modern age, and then how we discovered it was not only interesting enough to get encouragement, but was unique enough to earn multiple patents. It was a long journey, but here it are!

Join us, and let’s have some fun!
Kirk and Celeste