Amanda’s Story

Amanda wanted to be a veterinarian. She even got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Husbandry from North Carolina State University in her younger days.

But, it didn’t take long for her to turn her interest to youth development and sports, which got her headed in the direction of the YMCA sports programs at the Cherokee YMCA in Canton, Georgia. And, of course, meeting another sports oriented member of our firm, Nathan. Being the bright girl that she is, she immediately realized that this was someone who could help her along in her sports career, so she hitched her wagon to his star, and together they navigated their way through the YMCA system, with Amanda winding up focusing on water sports and becoming Aquatic Director at a couple of centers, before the job of parenting led her astray. By 2013, along with her husband Nathan, Amanda earned a Masters Degree is Health, Physical Education and Recreation, from the online division of Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas.

During this parenting escapade, raising two sports inclined children, who focused on wouldn’t you know it, swimming and soccer, Amanda led church and school sports related activities with employment as a Youth and Sports Director.

When her children reached a suitable school age and situation, Amanda sought and gained employment at a leading software firm, one that specializes in online catalog management for major retailers. Her resourcefulness and work ethic earned her several promotions, and advancement into the Human Relations Department, where she is now SHRM Certified and manages the worldwide HR software system for the company..