Paulo Costa jokes that Dana White’s impressive physique photo is from ‘secret juice’

A photo of a shredded UFC President Dana White has been making the rounds, and one of his most talked-about fighters is taking credit.

White on Sunday shared a video talking about turning his health around, which included a picture of him showing off a set of abs at the gym. After fans were wowed by the 53-year-old’s physique, middleweight contender Paulo Costa joked that White’s success was from his “secret juice.”

Check out Costa’s humorous tweet here:

“Hey buddy, I’m gonna need some of that secret juice,” the caption in Costa’s tweet reads accompanied by a photoshopped image of White holding a bottle of the mythical beverage and having the phrase tattooed onto his chest.

Costa is known for having one of the most impressive physiques in the UFC’s middleweight division, for his mischievous sense of humor, and lately, for carrying a jug labeled “secret juice.” It’s no surprise he took the opportunity to have some fun and keep one of his gimmicks going.

This past August ahead of UFC 278, the one-time title challenger took umbrage with the USADA testing him during the late stages of a weight cut (White vowed that will never happen to a UFC fighter again) and made fun of the issue by toting around the “secret juice.”

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