Daniel Cormier kicks off WWE career by cutting boring ‘Fight Pit’ promo over Zoom

Former UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier will serve as the special guest referee at the upcoming WWE “Extreme Rules” pay-per-view (PPV) event this weekend in Philadelphia, Pa., because the promotion needs someone to “lay down the law” when Matt Riddle battles Seth Rollins in a special “Fight Pit” match.

Cormier made his first appearance in front of a WWE RAW audience last Monday night to help promote his inclusion in the Riddle-Rollins match, but the decision to have his pre-taped promo air on the big screen instead of live inside the ring left something to be desired, judging by the tepid (and piped in) crowd response.

“We have had to watch you two whine, argue, and complain for months, and we’ve had enough,” Cormier said. “Your behavior has been insane and we are tired of the foolishness. From parking lots to arenas, you two have fought all around the world. For all the people looking and going ‘who is this guy?’ I am Daniel Cormier. I am one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. I am the double champion. Matt, listen bro, we go way back. You’re a former UFC fighter and I respect that. You’re a part of the fraternity. Seth, you know that from afar I’ve always admired you. I was there in Santa Clara when you won that first world championship, and I may have celebrated.”

That celebration is embedded below:

I guess the “smart marks” are expecting Cormier to turn on Riddle.

“As the whole world is fed up, I too am fed up,” Cormier continued. “Someone told me that you two are competing in a ‘Fight Pit’ match this Saturday at Extreme Rules. Well, I’m into that. That’s my world. I live in the cage. I love it. But one thing I do know is there has to be a stern third man, it can’t be any old referee. So you know who they called? They called your boy ‘DC’ to come down and lay down the law and make sure that only one of you walk out of the Fight Pit victorious, and we put an end to this. So that’s exactly what I plan to do. Now it’s time to stop yapping, train hard, train smart, and I’ll see both of you guys this Saturday in Philadelphia.”

Keep an eye out for those rubber mallets.

Cormier previously flirted with a WWE commentating gig and has a history with pro wrestling icon Brock Lesnar. Unfortunately that UFC fight never came to fruition but don’t be surprised to see “DC” eventually do the honors for Lesnar much like Cain Velasquez did as part of the “Crown Jewel” event back in 2019.

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