Daniel Cormier set to referee Riddle vs. Rollins at WWE’s Extreme Rules event

Daniel Cormier will finally be making his WWE debut, but not in the way many expected.

“DC” is a longtime fan of the WWE and has made it no secret that he’d love to work for the promotion in some capacity one of these days. For a hot minute it looked like the UFC could lose Cormier to the WWE as a commentator, but that wasn’t to be. Instead, Cormier continues to be the third man in the booth at many UFC events, much to the dismay of some fighters who feel he’s biased.

Considering Daniel’s enthusiasm for pro wrestling, it was inevitable that he’d end up participating in a WWE feud at some point. Now it looks like the company has found the perfect role for him: he’ll be a special guest referee for the Fight Pit Match between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins at WWE’s Extreme Rules event in Philadelphia on October 8th.

The MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani was the first to break the news.

“Daniel Cormier will serve as guest referee for next Saturday’s Fight Pit Match between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins at WWE’s Extreme Rules in Philly. Oct. 8,” Helwani wrote on Twitter. “No, seriously. It’s really happening. Oct. 8. Incredible.”

“The Rollins-Riddle feud has gotten very intense and personal,” Cormier wrote in a statement to Helwani. “There’s only one person qualified enough to oversee this brutal match at Xtreme Rules and it’s me. I’ll see you guys in Philly next Saturday.”

As much as Ariel Helwani loves his former co-host, he too questioned Cormier’s ability to be impartial given how big of a Seth Rollins fan he is.

Seemingly in response, “DC” took to Instagram with a vow to referee things straight down the line.

“I will be fair. I’ll be honest. I’ll be impartial. And I will not take anyone’s s—,” Cormier wrote. “I will be there for a reason. The law has been called in, and I will enforce it with every part of myself to the fullest extent.”

What’s the point of bringing in a special guest referee if they don’t end up altering the story between pro wrestlers at least a little! Fortunately, Daniel Cormier has been insisting he’d be impartial since sliding behind the UFC commentary desk, and he’s done a terrible job of that. So we expect pure chaos come October 8th when he steps between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins in the Fight Pit.

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