Tyson Fury weighs in with damning assessment of current Manchester United squad – Man United News And Transfer News

World Heavyweight Champion and lifelong Manchester United fan Tyson Fury has weighed in with his thoughts on the current situation at Old Trafford.

Fury, quoted in The Mirror, has his say on attending games, the current crop of players and shares an interesting theory about Cristiano Ronaldo’s influence.

Now enjoying retirement, Fury states he’ll be spending more time at the Theatre of Dreams, despite stating when he attends the team ‘always lose’.

Losing at home has become an all to familiar sight for United fans.

The Red Devils suffered four home Premier League defeats last season.

This was on top of League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League knockouts to West Ham, Middlesbrough and Atletico Madrid, respectively.

The boxer also believes the current crop of players aren’t putting in the hard yards on the pitch, labelling them ‘Prima Donna’s’.

‘It’s win or nothing, so watching United at the moment, it’s crazy because I don’t get why these people aren’t running after that ball for 90 minutes,’ he said.

‘A lot of people blame the managers, the coaches, but at the end of the day there are too many prima donnas at Manchester United and the best thing that could have happened is having a clearout, like what’s happening.

‘They need someone strict, like Sir Alex Ferguson, who’s going to tell them what to do and if they’re not listening say, “It’s the bench for you, I don’t care how good you are or how famous you are, you’re not playing until you decide to work hard”.

This belief is one that has been universally shared by United fans, over the last six months in particular.

Ex-manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stated he wanted to have the hardest working team in the league, a trait that seems to be beyond this crop of players – no doubt playing a part in the Norwegian losing his job.

Additionally, Fury believes that the team are overly reliant on Cristiano Ronaldo, suggesting players are in awe of United’s superstar centre-forward.

‘When you have a superstar like Ronaldo, everybody relies on him to score goals and if he wasn’t there they’d be scoring the goals themselves, like they did the season before last,’ the boxer said.

‘He carries the team and the young people are overshadowed by it all, they don’t get their chance to shine because “the great Ronaldo” is on the pitch.’

It’s an interesting take on Ronaldo, who clearly has the highest of standards. Again, not something you could label the current squad as having.

There is no doubt these standards are going to have to be raised, to match those of both Cristiano and Tyson Fury, if next season, and beyond, is going to be a success.

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