Josh Emmett splits Calvin Kattar in back-and-forth war | UFC Austin

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight knockout artists Josh Emmett and Calvin Kattar went to war tonight (Sat., June 18, 2022) in the main event of UFC Austin inside Moody Center in Austin, Texas. Leading up to the fight, Emmett had built up an excellent four-fight win streak in recent years, only suffering setbacks from injury and time off. He’s been on the hunt for a title shot for quite some time, and this may be the final obstacle he has to clear. Similarly, Kattar has been close to a title shot several times. He was still in the process of rebuilding from an infamous loss to Max Holloway, but Katter remains a Top Five talent and title threat.

After five competitive rounds, Emmett was awarded the decision win. Follow along below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round One

The two feint and look for jabs early in the fight. Emmett lands the first cross of the fight about two minutes into the round. Kattar sticks a quick 1-2. Emmett scores with a good counter combination then kicks the lead leg. Kattar lands with a pair of nice jabs. He finds another long right hand. Emmett rips a couple hooks to the body, and he scores with a heavy left before the bell. Close round! 10-9 Emmett

Round Two

Emmett landed a big right hand early in the second, though Kattar is pressuring a bit more heavily. Kattar glances his foe’s chin with a front kick. Emmett touches the body with a right then whiffs on a few wide swings. Clean jab from Kattar. Another. Kattar looks for his first elbow of the fight, and he seems to have found his range. Emmett scores with a clean right. Emmett explodes into a combination that lands partially through the guard. Kattar connects on a nice counter right. Emmett unleashes a big combination, but Kattar answers with a solid knee. Emmett flurries one more time before the bell — another majorly close round. 10-9 Kattar

Round Three

Emmett stalks to begin the second, slipping jabs. Emmett scores with a hard overhand connection, but Kattar avoids the follow up. Emmett touches the body well with a combination. The two trade jabs. Emmett digs a low kick, then a pair of right hands. Long, stiff jab connects for Kattar, and he follows with an uppercut. Emmett backs his opponent off with a pair of glancing right hands. Kattar’s face is starting to swell up a bit. Body-head combination scores hard for Emmett. Emmett touches the lead leg then scores with an overhand. Left hook to the liver from Emmett, followed by a lead hand uppercut. Kattar scores with one of his elbows. Emmett lands one more overhand near the bell to close a great round. 10-9 Emmett

Round Four

Kattar lead more to begin the fourth, working his jab. Emmett works the lead leg a bit, but he seems content to look for counters. Two big right hands score for Emmett, but Kattar denies the takedown follow up. Clean right hand scores for Kattar. Both men are wearing this fight on their face. Emmett goes body-head again with good success. One more right upstairs for Emmett. Kattar spins into an elbow that connects hard. Emmett tries to spin and takes a hard right for his trouble. Kattar’s jab is humming well this round. Emmett flurries hard to end the round, and he scores with some big shots. 10-9 Kattar

Round Five

Kattar sticks a long jab early. Kattar is extending his combinations, mixing knees into his offense. Emmett puts together a nice combo. Big right hand and stiff jab soon afterward for the shorter man. The two trade left hooks. Kattar is touching his opponent with the jab well. Big counter right hand scores for Emmett. It’s a battle of Kattar’s consistent jabs vs. Emmett’s sporadic, violent combinations. Big shifting overhand left from Emmett. Emmett chasing after his foe in the final 10 seconds, and he lands a jump knee and right hand. Kattar gets his own spinning elbow. Yet another incredibly close round … 10-9 Emmett

Result: Josh Emmett defeats Calvin Kattar via split-decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

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