Logan Paul details NYC altercation with Dillon Danis: ‘One of his boys pulled a gun’

Logan Paul has never seen eye-to-eye with mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Dillon Danis and their bad blood boiled over during a recent altercation in New York City.

Paul, who is one of the most influential social media names in the world today, has been beefing with Danis for quite some time. Even Paul’s younger brother, Jake, has mixed it up with Danis over the past few years. Nobody knows for sure how the bad blood started, but it may be traced back to 2019 when Danis was banned from attending Paul’s boxing rematch with KSI.

In 2020, a viral video surfaced of Jake Paul hitting Danis with water balloons during a friendly drive by. Danis hasn’t had an official chance to retaliate, but he’s been running his mouth ever since. Earlier this year, Danis said he’d “retire” from combat sports if Jake Paul defeated him inside of the boxing ring. Danis even claimed “Problem Child” was ducking him while arguing about fight offers.

It now appears as if the bad blood between the Paul brothers and Danis has hit an all-time high. During a recent appearance on the Flagrant podcast Logan Paul revealed that he had an altercation with Danis in New York and eventually a gun was pulled out.

“A hundred percent, I agree, he’s one of the best jiu jitsu guys in the world,” Paul said. “Actually here in New York, one time, ’cause you know Dillon, me and Jake and all have been beefing for some time. We were at a party, this was when Dillon was on crutches and one of his boys pulled a gun on Mike [Majlak]. Legit.”

Paul failed to offer any additional details regarding the incident so the legitimacy of the story is still up in the air. But if one of Danis’ friends decided to pull a gun out on Paul’s podcast co-host that’s obviously a big no-no.

Danis, who is regarded as one of the best jiu-jitsu practitioners in all of MMA, hasn’t competed since a submission win at Bellator 222 back in June 2019. It is unknown at this time when “El Jefe” will return to the cage.

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