Midnight Mania! Glover Teixeira reveals he was vomiting after his UFC 275 weight cut, “It’s my fault”

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Glover Teixeira vs. Jiri Prochazka will go down as one of the greatest title fights in UFC history. For five rounds, each man surged forward to steal the momentum from the other in a brutal brawl that left both men battered. Ultimately, however, it was Prochazka who left the cage with the Light Heavyweight title thanks to a last-second rear naked choke.

In a fight that back-and-forth, there are definitely a lot of elements to consider in what decided the victor. After all, both men nearly stopped the other numerous times, so this title fight especially was a game of inched and small details. Speaking with Combate, the former 205-pound kingpin revealed that the weight cut may have played a role in his defeat. He mentioned it briefly in the post-fight interview before humbly acknowledging Prochazka instead, but the details are worse than most likely expected.

Prior to his five-round war, Teixeira grew ill and started vomiting.

“Even though it was nine-thirty at night, I cut the weight at 3:00 in the afternoon and stayed until nine-thirty at night without drinking water, without anything,” Teixeira explained (via SportsKeeda). “And then when I started to recover, I started to vomit, I started to vomit … I felt like vomiting, I couldn’t do the interview after the weigh-in and that got in the way, got in the way in the fifth round there. I always talk to my students, ‘The weight cut will get in your way, if it’s a tough five-round fight, it will get in your way’ And it got in the way. I think that was it … I’ve never had a recovery like this.”

The fifth round was certainly a strange one. The Brazilian started so well, badly stunning his opponent with punches, gaining top position, and nearly finishing his foe with an arm triangle. After that submission failed, however, Teixeira just seemed fully spent and wound up strangled himself.

Is the weight cut to blame? Teixeira made it clear that one way or another, Prochazka deserves credit for handling his own camp and weight cut in a more effective fashion.

“The fight was brutal, I got tired, as I told you, I don’t want to blame my camp, I can do the fight again, and I can get tired again. I want you to expose this part, I want to take away all responsibility, because the camp is everything, if I didn’t lose the weight right, he did better than me, you know? If I didn’t lose the weight properly, it was my fault, that’s what I’m talking about, that I have to adjust, so it was totally my fault. I might be blaming it on the weight. I’m blaming the weight, but I’m taking responsibility for myself, understand?”

Teixeira has expressed interest in an immediate rematch, but Prochazka has also drummed up some drama with Jan Blachowicz. It remains to be seen which direction the promotion goes next with the Light Heavyweight title.


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