Chelsea playing catch up as other clubs announce big deals – Talk Chelsea

It’s been a tough day out there today as a Chelsea fan.

We know the transfer window has been open since Friday now, and clubs are starting to announce their big deals that they’ve been working on for some time now.

What makes it worse is it is Chelsea’s two direct rivals who were the only clubs to finish above us this season, Liverpool and Manchester City.

City have just officially confirmed Erling Haaland as their shiny new signing, and that one hurt enough knowing that we had been in for him for some time last summer before settling with second (maybe even third) best Romelu Lukaku. And look how that turned out.

Romelu Lukaku Chelsea

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So the pain was already there, but add in to that the fact that Liverpool are soon to be announcing the official signing of their shiny new striker, Darwin Nunez as well, and today has been a bit deflating knowing how far behind we are.

The sanctions put us behind. Of course, we could still start speaking to targets, but that was it. We could not make official offers or agree any deals, that had to wait until the sanctions were lifted.

Add to that the fact that our new owners have only officially been in charge for two weeks now, makes for a pretty tough task for us to claw back our time and get our transfer business done.

I’m patient with it, but we do need to start seeing some solid movements soon, because we have some catching up to do in this market.

But I am totally confident that we will have a great summer transfer window and come the end of it, we would have made our own one or two marquee signings.

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