Was always expected that Three UK stayed on – Talk Chelsea

Reports via our own sources today suggest that Three UK will be staying on as Chelsea’s sponsors this season.

I totally get the outrage, but to be honest, there really wasn’t going to be any other outcome. Three and Chelsea have a contract that has one-year left on it, for either of them to pull out it would have needed legal intervention and compensation one way.

Also, it would have been a massive task to try and replace them ahead of a new season, especially when we are already late with our official kit release now for next season. It would have been pretty much impossible to change sponsors at this stage and get out of a contract.

Three never cancelled their sponsorship with Chelsea, they merely just suspended it. And whilst that might have been seen as jumping ship when things got rough, it was always clear to me that they would stay for their final year with Chelsea.

I know it will cause anger, and I totally get that, I wasn’t amused with it at all. But on Chelsea’s side, it was always going to be to much to get out of the contract this summer so we have to grin and bear it for now.

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