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Opinion: New signing would be the ‘X-Factor’ if Chelsea pull it off

There has been growing reports over the last few days that Chelsea are confident of signing Ousmane Dembele, and although a deal is not done yet, the mere thought of this signing excites me.

Ben Jacobs, who has proven to be a reliable source, tweeted over the weekend that there is growing confidence inside Chelsea that they can land the Barcelona winger as a free agent this summer.

I’ll be honest, Chelsea have not had a player like Dembele since Eden Hazard. The type of player who can light it up, beat three players, and make something happen out of absolutely nothing. A flair player, a player with skill, pace, creativity, and is always direct and full of confidence to do something with the ball every time he gets it. Dembele has the ‘X-Factor,’ and there aren’t too many players you can say that about.

Yes, he carries an injury risk, but as a free agent it’s an absolute no brainer in my opinion and would be a really good signing if we can get it over the line. He knows Thomas Tuchel very well and Tuchel knows him. The pair have publicly praised each other from their time at Dortmund, and everything about this just seems to make sense to me and would be a very wise signing.

Over to you, Chelsea!

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