Naoya Inoue vs. Nonito Donaire 2 full fight video highlights

Watch Naoya Inoue vs. Nonito Donaire 2 full fight video highlights from their bantamweight unification championship bout, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Inoue vs. Donaire 2 took place June 7 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. Naoya Inoue (23-0) and Nonito Donaire (42-7) collided in the main event. The fight aired live on ESPN+.

Catch more video highlights below.

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Donaire shoots the hook pretty much immediately. Inoue shooting the jab out, not landing it. Donaire feinting at range. Inoue not biting yet. Inoue fires off a hook that gets in. Donaire trying to throw the right, Inoue with a little hook in response. Inoue jabbing. Right hand from Inoue, fast and sharp. Inoue with a jab, but Donaire fires back a counter right and then a left hook from Inoue! Right from Inoue! Just a little spark there to remind you how these two can get going when they get going. And it’s picking up, Inoue throwing more. RIGHT HAND TO THE HEAD AND DOWN GOES DONAIRE! He’s up quickly, but he’s hurt. Bell sounds and no more action.

Inoue 10-8


Let’s see if Nonito has fully recovered or if Inoue wants to pounce here. Donaire with a left hook, but Inoue just firing both hands at him. Donaire shoots the right, counter hook from Inoue hurts Donaire again! Right hand! Donaire’s legs looking shaky! Donaire tries to go to the body, but Inoue is just picking him apart right now! Another big shot and another! Body shot from Inoue! Donaire ROCKED HARD! He BARELY stays up! Inoue unloading! RIGHT HAND AGAIN! LEFT HOOK AND IT’S OVER!!!!

Inoue TKO-2

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