U.S. Gambling Industry Sets Record With $5.38 B Revenue in March 2022

USA Gambling Revenue Increase Background

  • Total gaming revenue from all sources in the United States totaled $5.31 billion for March 2022.
  • The record-breaking March total also pushed the Q1 2022 revenue to $14.31 billion which was slightly lower than the record of $14.35 billion set during the 4th quarter of 2021.
  • Sports betting handle for January-March 2022 of $26.34 billion more than doubled the Q1 2021 total of $13.02 billion.

Casinos and gaming entities in the United States set a new one-month record with a total of $5.31 billion in revenues for March 2022.

According to a press release from the American Gaming Association, the March 2022 gaming revenue was the “highest-grossing revenue month in industry history”.

Strong Start to the Year

The record-breaking March 2022 revenue tally punctuated a strong start to the current year where the industry generated a total of $14.31 billion in total revenues. That total nearly matched the all-time record of $14.35 billion set by the previous quarter or the fourth quarter of 2021.

The AGA also noted that the year-over-year Q1 comparison for the individual components of US commercial gaming showed increases in gross gaming revenue. Sports betting saw the biggest growth at 64.6% while iGaming was up 53.9% from Q1 2021. Table games revenues went up by 42.7% while Slots increased by 14.9%.

32 of 34 States Improved on Their First Quarter Performance

Industry data also revealed that 32 out of the 34 states which have legalized gambling have increased Q1 revenues on a year-over-year basis. Three out of the 32 states set quarterly revenue records. New York led the group with $996.6 million followed by Florida with $182.08 million. Meanwhile, Arkansas’ $147.7 million Q1 2022 revenue was also a new record for the state.

The small sports betting-only market states in Washington, D.C., and Kansas were the two exceptions. Washington saw a decline of 32% at only $4.1 million while Kansas was flat over its Q1 2021 numbers at -0.5% at $99.8 million.

Sports Betting Continued its Growth

While it was the land-based performance that propelled the overall gaming revenue, sports betting continued its growth. A busy sports schedule drove the first quarter of 2022 sports betting revenue to a record $1.58 billion which was up by 64.6% from Q1 2021 and slightly better than the previous mark of $1.55 billion which was set during the fourth quarter of 2022.

The total legal betting handle for the previous quarter was also a new record. At $26.34 billion, it was more than twice the $13.02 billion wagered in Q1 2021. The increase in the handle was attributed to growth in consumer demand and the addition of six new legal markets and the launching of mobile sports betting in New York.

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