If report is true then Chelsea ‘scouts’ need the sack – Talk Chelsea

It’s actually becoming hilarious at this point. In fact, this report literally made me laugh out loud when I read it.

Basically, ESPN are claiming that Chelsea scouts raised concerns about whether Erling Haaland’s style of play would be suited to the Premier League.

Of course, ironically, Haaland hasn’t only just signed for a team in the Premier League, he has signed for arguably the best team in the Premier League, Manchester City, who’s scouts presumably didn’t see any concerns on signing Haaland, one of the best strikers in the world right now.

As I say, it’s absolutely laughable that our ‘scouts’ raised concerns about Haaland. Yet they signed Romelu Lukaku, who Thomas Tuchel described as a ‘back to goal’ target man when he first arrived, yet he is far from that, as he spoke about in that infamous Sky Italy interview.

There are other examples of many other players that this set of scouts have signed who you can say are not suited to Premier League football or our style of play at the time. But they chose to ignore one of the best strikers in the world for the same reason? Right, sure.

Honestly, whoever is making these decisions at Chelsea and of course, if this report is true, then they should be sacked on the spot. How bad can you be at your job if you don’t think Haaland is going to good enough, or ready, or suited, or all the above, for ANY team, in ANY league!?

Chelsea’s scouts and recruitment team have a history of being poor over recent years and this is why many Blues fans demand a director of football be appointed. Let’s hope the new regime are listening, and let’s hope they see this hysterical report on how Chelsea said no to trying to sign Haaland!

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