Chelsea wise to move on contracts right away – Talk Chelsea

We are in a very precarious situation at Chelsea right now and the first thing that the new owners should do is avoid letting such a situation happen again.

The new owners will come in and the first thing they will need to do is replace at least two senior defenders who’s contracts are running out this summer, and maybe even more.

Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen will both leave, and there is also Marcos Alonso and Cesar Azpilicueta who only have a year left on their deals and both could also leave in the same summer. Replacing essentially a whole back four is a massive task for the new owners to come in. That’s without even moving on to the problem that both N’Golo Kante and Jorginho are also moving into the final year of their contracts this summer.

But at the same time as replacing these players, they will need to make it equally as important to start renewing and improving some contracts of the current crop so we do not get into this position again.

Reece James and Mason Mount are both key and essential players for Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea right now, but neither have the longest contracts left, and they are actually also two of the lowest paid players in the senior squad. This needs to change as soon as possible if we are to protect our future and avoid this situation again, and luckily, it sounds like it will.

This would be one of the wisest things that the new owners can do when they first arrive. These two live and breathe Chelsea and it is so important to make sure they are signed to good and long deals to ward off any rumours of them leaving and show them what they mean to this club.

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